About Us

Department of Psychology at Suleyman Demirel University which was founded in 2005 has started undergraduate education since 2019. Our vision is to be the one of the leading departments in the topics of research, practice, and teaching both nationally and internationally. Accordingly, we committed ourselves to learning as well as teaching activities.  

Our department was founded over four main subareas of psychology, including social, experimental, developmental, and applied psychology. In this way, we aim to present the courses introducing the methods and theories used to investigate the human mind and behavioral processes within their historical and cultural context, and to emphasize the human's multidimensionality. Hence, we -as academics who have different interests, including molecular neuroscience, cognitive psychology, interpersonal relations, and group processes- have come together and continued our studies with mutual understanding.

To emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation, our department offers various courses from neighboring disciplines, including anthropology, biology, economics, philosophy, sociology, history, and medicine. We give importance to new projects and internship opportunities which may support the collaboration with industry, public services, and the society itself. Thus, our department searches for new insights to transfer the scientific knowledge, which have been produced and taught, to daily practices.

To raise competitive students who recognize their societies’ problems, are egalitarian, internalize scientific literacy, can follow both the national and the international scientific literature, have critical thinking ability, and have sufficient qualifications for working in academia, private sector or public services, our department presents various courses, laboratory, internship, seminar, and academic consultancy opportunities. In this regard, to start an eligible postgraduate program, our department works with all strength.


Suleyman Demirel University, The Department of Psychology

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