Mission and Vision

Chemistry, which is one of the main science branches, examines atom and molecules that are the basic building stones of the substance. The synthesis, analysis, physical and chemical alterations of all components are in the scope of this scientific branch. The work of a chemist is the job of someone who has already had a four-year education at a university in the branch of science. Although some vocational activities of chemists are compatible with all engineering branches, mainly with chemistry engineering, such as medicine, pharmaceutics, defense industry, food industry, environmental sciences and archeology, the most basic work of chemists is to be a researcher in the institutions of AR-GE (research-development).Besides, they may be charged in quality control units or chemical production areas which necessitate chemical analysis as well. The basic function of the department is education and research. By tracking rapidly developing and changing science and technology, it has been aimed to train individuals that are going to apply this job straight from the heart. Graduates have opportunities of finding jobs in AR-GE (R&D) labs, in the institutions of public health and environment, in textile, ceramics, electronics and food industry, in sales and service companies of chemical product and lab equipments, and in the areas of plastic and dye production in addition to various state institutions.