Mission, Vision

Süleyman Demirel University,  Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics was founded in 1992 and started education with its first students in 1993-1994 academic year.


Our aim as the Department of Physics is to teach the basic concepts of physics in close relation with other departments, to show how that many concepts and theories are derived from experimental studies, to bring the skills of research to the students, to provide original and advanced researches in contemporary physics and to train internationally qualified scientists who can do original and advanced researches. In the Department of Physics, computer-aided modern laboratories provide advanced training in all areas of physics that prioritize the creativity of the student. For this purpose, Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, Atom-Molecular Physics, Quantum and Electronics laboratories have been prepared for our students. Our students repeat the theoretical themes they see in the lectures in a unique way in the laboratory environment, reveal their creativity and increase their knowledge and experience with new regulations.


Our graduates who have earned the title of "Physicist" by completing 4 years of undergraduate education can work as physicists in various private, state institutions and organizations in the field of R&D (research and development units) of the industry or they can participate in scientific life by participating in our graduate programs.

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