Mission and Vision

The Department of Turkish Language and Literature is able to use Turkish in the best way both written and spoken, have general information about the historical development of Turkish Language and Literature, have the ability to read and understand texts written in old letters, compilation about folklore, It is a licensed department to train scientists who can prepare scientific writing and projects in any field of literature.

The aim of our department program is to educate students who have enough academic knowledge to evaluate all texts that make up the Turkish language and literature in literary and philological context, and to bring in the scientists, experts and teachers that our country needs in the field of Turkish language and literature.

Students who successfully complete the program receive the title of "Süleyman Demirel University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Bachelor's Degree" and "Turkish Linguist".

The graduates of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, who have completed their four-year undergraduate education and took formation courses within this period or after graduation, can work as teachers in private schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education; He can become an expert in the Ministry of Culture, Turkish Language Institution, archives; He can work in various units of TRT; They can do their master's and doctorate degrees at Süleyman Demirel University or at the Social Sciences Institute of other universities.

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