Süleyman Demirel University Department of Western Languages ​​and Literatures

The Department of Western Languages ​​and Literatures was founded in 1992 with sections for English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, and French Language and Literature. The department is in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Süleyman Demirel University. In 2009, the Russian Language and Literature and American Culture and Literature Sections were also established and the number of sections in the department reached five. The department started to welcome students to the Department in the academic year of 2005-2006. The aim of the department programmes is to promote the study of English language, literature and culture, to provide students with scientific research skills and advanced level written and spoken English.


The medium of instruction in the department is English, and Students who are eligible for four years of undergraduate education must pass the English proficiency exam prepared by the School of Foreign Languages ​​of our University. In the first year of undergraduate education, great importance is attached to providing a sound foundation of skills and knowledge. In the first year, students take basic courses in Academic Thinking and Writing, Literary Concepts and English Literature. In their second year, students meet literary genres and periods of English Literature such as Renaissance Literature, Introduction to the Novel, Introduction to Poetry and Mythology. In the third and fourth grades, students are encouraged to gain a critical perspective on literature and are encouraged to share their thoughts, comments and observations on texts in class. In addition, there is a wide range of elective courses that students can choose according to their interests. In the final year students prepare a graduation project involving research and study on a particular subject. To summarise, the Department offers a curriculum covering popular culture, linguistics, poetry, women's literature, comparative literature, modern English  theatre, modern literature, colonization and post-colonial studies. After four years of education, students not only learn to look critically at texts, but also develop skills for many different careers, thanks to the interdisciplinary perspective provided by their literary work. Class discussions, term papers and class work prepared by students are as important as the knowledge provided by the instructors. The language of instruction is English in all English Department programmes.

Our department also organizes theater events, conferences and cultural trips from time to time. The Department brings together lecturers and students of our Department together with other departments of our university with talks from visiting speakers. In addition, our students have the opportunity to see the historical, touristic and cultural richness of our country, to make new friends and expand their social environment with cultural trips organized by our department students.

There are many different job opportunities for the graduates of the Department of English Language and Literature in various public institutions (TRT, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Education, etc.), publishing houses, magazines, literature and cultural publications, newspapers, film studios and international organizations associated with the European Community. Graduates can work as written and oral translators in fields with specialist terminology such as medicine, architecture, economy, archeology, automotive and law. Graduates can also choose to work in the tourism industry or teach in public and private education by obtaining a formation certificate. Graduates of the department can continue their careers in the academic field (Master and Doctorate level) and continue their scientific studies under the auspices of the university.
Mission and Vision

The vision of the Department of English Language and Literature is to become internationally active and fully equipped making its mark on the future. Our mission is to train modern language and literature specialists with knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to serve in all areas of Philology, appreciating ethical values, and aware of global realities recognising the importance of lifelong learning. The Undergraduate Program, lasting for a total of 8 semesters over 4 years, aims to provide students with proficiency in advanced language skills, literary concepts, literary history, literary and critical theories, with basic knowledge of culture and language, literature, criticism and cultural studies. Our mission is to achieve high levels of academic success and to raise versatile individuals who are familiar with English Language and Literature and western cultures through a modern educational approach.
The Program Educational Objectives foreseen for our graduates to reach their professional expectations and their careers are as follows:


  • To provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills concerning English language, culture, history and literature.


  • To educate students as language and literature specialists who have a critical point of view and the ability to analyze, communicate effectively, be creative and, aware of their responsibilities and professional ethics.


  • To enable students to grow up as individuals who can communicate and interpret cultures through English literature.


  • To raise individuals who can relate the values ​​of our own country and with those of the West, absorbing these values ​​successfully and effectively.


  • In addition to enabling students to use English at an advanced level, to give them the ability to teach this language.


  • To ensure that students grow up as individuals who can adapt to the requirements of the age and use information technologies effectively.


  • To bring students into society as individuals who can do research in their fields and evaluate their research with an objective and scientific perspective.
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