Abaut the Department

Purpose: To provide archaeological education in the light of material remnants of Anatolian and environmental cultures in prehistoric and historical periods.
Scope: It is an institution that educates the contemporary, pioneer, scientists, museologists, conservation boards experts, Ministry of Culture and Tourism experts with educational programs. The students of the Department of Archaeology, who take the title of archaeologist together with graduation, are experts who can take part in the preservation, classification and determination of all kinds of cultural heritage.
Mission: To educate archaeologists who follow scientific excavations and researches in the field of archaeology, closely follow scientific studies and adapt their experience and skills to the field of study. Remove the cultural richness of Turkey to open within the framework of scientific methods, to share and introduce the findings gained by scientists. It is to protect the cultural assets extracted by the methods with scientific methods and to add economy. It is to educate free, original, contemporary, expressing, working, researching, thinking and honest individuals who are equipped with education and teaching as well as archaeological land studies and can transfer their knowledge and skills to their surroundings.
Program Language: The language of the program is Turkish.