According to anthropology, human is an entity both biological and cultural. Therefore, anthropological researches biological and cultural similarities and differences of human societies who lived and are already living throughout the history. It is trying to obtain valid and reliable data about human culture. Anthropology has many sub-disciplines such as social, biological, linguistic anthropology. Many universities in Turkey are offering social/cultural and physics/paleoanthropology sub-disciplines under the Anthropology Department for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees. Department of Anthropology was established in the constitution of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences with Department of Social Anthropology by the decision of Higher Education Council taken in the meeting on 09.06.2010. Two academic members and a research assistant officiate in our department, but the education program has not started yet. However, the Department of Anthropology has opened undergraduate courses in introductory level, Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology, Contemporary Issues in Social/Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology and Environmental Anthropology. Besides, our associates have given anthropology lessons in many faculty and departments.

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