26 Mayıs 2019 Pazar




Statistics  is thought to derive from Latin word "Statistia" (means statesman) or "Status" (means state).



Statistics topic, or in any case before the collection of the data necessary to examine the observations and experiments began designing, evaluation of data obtained as a result of reaching the decision which information science.



Statistics is a science by its  nature interdisciplinary. Social, cultural, social, industrial, economic, health, nature and science based on laboratory research samples using statistical science in order to reach conclusions about their universe. Statistics, studied phenomenon or event out of the sample, attempts to estimate about the universe.


Before collectioning data about phenomenons or events of interest, Statistics  begins with the planning stage. Statistics will continue to work to represent the sample size of the universe. The compilation of the data after the data is collected, followed by statistical analysis that is required for the decision to be reached.  The science of statistics produces information abouts the events or  phenomenons,  in order to reach  conclusion  this  information is required for the decision-makers.



Statisticians working in the fields of data processing centers, statistical process and quality control, market research, psychological and sociological research, biological and ecological research, training, assessment surveys, banks, securities and capital markets are available.